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Diamonds 3

Gilmore Girls is a show about a mother and daughter, with sixteen years between them. They share the same taste in music and movies. They act more like best friends, than mother and daughter.

 Lorelai was only sixteen when she had Rory, she moved out of her parent’s house, and moved to Stars Hollow. She got a job as a maid at the Independence Inn, owned by a woman named Mia.

 They’ve dealt with a lot of drama over the years. They’ve had to deal with separations, fights, relationships ending badly, and other. But they’ve managed to overcome every obstacle in their way. They will continue to pull their way through the drama of their lives.


For six years, it's been one of the greatest television shows that are on today. It's absolutely amazing, and incredibly hilarious. Lauren and Alexis are wonderfully talented. Without them there would be no GILMORE GIRLS!

 They make their characters hard to dislike, with their fast-talking, coffee drinking, and spirited personalities. They also bring strength to their characters as well as the show. They are truly gifted, and good at what they do.

 This show is highly recommended for mothers and daughters who are extremely close, and are always there for one another. It's a show that everyone can relate to, it doesn't matter how it relates.

 I love this show! It's become one of my favorite television shows in the world. It will continue to have a place in my heart, no matter how long it's on television.

 I adore Lauren and Alexis as talented and relentless actresses. They are always going to be two of my many favorite actresses.

 So I dedicated this website to GILMORE GIRLS! I hope you enjoy!


This is Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. They play Lorelai and Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls.